Internet Marketing Isn’t Enough

No matter how well you execute a social media marketing campaign, at some point, sooner or later, you’re going to need traditional marketing savvy. It will be at that time that you wish you’d paid more attention to effective, traditional marketing practices.

But what are those timeless, classic, traditional marketing practices?

#1 Create campaigns that have a timeless concept

Fads come & go, but there are universal truths, predictable milestones celebrated in classic & elegant manners which make memories that last a lifetime. They also function like a hook in a favorite song or jingle, keeping you coming back for more. Seeing that well-groomed, masculine man coming at me with flowers is just absolutely irresistible, when it’s done right.

#2 Clarify, Simply, & Mystify

How can I both clarify and mystify? Well, the subtle color combination, the unexpected juxtaposition or terms or concepts, the poetic undertones of a slogan, together make a winning brand. Combined, I get the emotional experience I’ve been looking for. When I’m in an unfamiliar city, feeling alone, I’ll go in a Whole Foods or the Chanel counter to get that feeling of home.

#3 Remember Context

So how does that gorgeous man win me over? Context. It’s not what he says, but in what context. As you are focusing on the essentials: Promotion, Product, Place & Price, be sure that you are able to deliver your winning product in the proper context…including the right time. Build your best advertising campaign to match annual holidays or events.

#4 Learn from other’s mistakes in email marketing. These email marketing DONTS are well-applied to other forms of traditional marketing:

Dont’ purchase lists

Don’t assume

Don’t include image maps

Don’t rely solely on email marketing

Don’t distract recipients

Don’t overpersonalize

Don’t use generic return emails

Don’t email too often or too infrequently

Don’t copy the competition

Don’t share private information

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