MAGNA MARKETING has 5 divisions:

AVANTE – For Eco-Luxury, Hospitality, Tourism, Leisure, Fashion, & Jewelry.

COMMAND – Hi-tech marketing for hardware, software, & related projects.

GLOBAL – For Entrepreneurs, Real Estate, Business Opportunities, Finance

L21 MARKETING – Consumer marketing for Relationship Goals Industry

ORIGIN – Health-oriented marketing services for holistic practitioners & lifestyles.


Teresa began this firm in business since 1983.  Our clients include: IMSI, Time Arts, Oracle Science, AT&T, Tamalpais Pain Clinic, Tarpan Studios, and many other distinguished organizations.

We focus on luxury promotional campaigns, hi-tech trade show hospitality suites, consumer focus groups, and a myriad of other marketing industry essentials.

MAGNA MARKETING began as a response to the many requests began to have from friends & family to learn about marketing. This eventually turned into a full-fledged marketing firm.  We have a dedicated staff who are always working toward a paperless system for both environmental & organizational reasons.

Over the years, we have accrued a nice list of clients who will be readily recognized.  You can contact us in a number of ways.  Most campaigns are launched with a commitment of three months, whether full- or part-time efforts are made.  Discover the most strategic marketing plan for you…and watch your enterprise flourish!

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