Say, Chanel, and everyone knows what to expect. Same with Verizon, CitiBank, Westin, Apple, Gucci, MicroSoft, and so on. Why? Because they developed their BRAND. With colors, symbols, and of course, competive products. Branding is an essential to business success and is a starting point for most marketing campaigns.

Study the psychology of colors for business before you choose your colors. Understand cultural norms before you take your brand overseas. Choose symbols which intrigue everyone. The simple elements of your brand will go a long way to retain your customer base.

One case in point is why Amazon does so well, even though they chose the least favorite color: orange. But orange is the color of vibrant energy, and people like to eat oranges. So do you believe the pollsters who found it the least favorite color, or the success of the #1 online retailer?

These and other quandries must arise in consultations as you narrow your choices and make your final selections. You have to live with your brand, so it has to appeal to you, as well as your customers. Industries are known for their colors. You can in fact find Fortune 100 companies in each color family:

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