You are invited to request a bid for your marketing needs.

Option 1 – Platinum Retainer 20-30 hours/week Project

Depending on the size & caliber of the project, rates vary.  Since this is the most comprehensive option for our clients, we are very thorough with all of the options available to us to promote our client.  Clients will be able to select from a long list of services we can provide.

There are additional costs if more than 30 hours per week are required.

Option 2 – Gold Retainer 15-20 hours/week Project

This is for projects which require only part-time efforts of up to 15-20 hours per week. Again client can select from our list of services as to which they are prioritizing for their project.  Nevertheless, we will make our recommendations based on demographics & the latest market research.

Option 3 – Silver Retainer 10-15 hours/week Project

This is recommended for Projects which require 10-15 hour each week.  Alot can be accomplished even at this level, so we encourage you to identify the campaign which will best serve you & your clientele.

Option 4 – Bronze Retainer 5-10 hours/week Project

Campaigns of 5-10 hours per week can choose this option.  By selecting key tasks, you can improve your market visibility.

Option 5 – Pewter Retainer <5 hours/week Project

Marketing tasks which require <20 hours/month should choose this.

Option 6 – Consultations 2-4 hours per session

Strategic consulting is available by phone or in person, if possible.

Option 7 – Brass

For “a la carte” services.



As long-time members of the internet marketing industry, we have worked with various industries and companies.

Our fees bill at $125/hr for most services. Monthly retainers based on estimated hours of service needed per month.

Standard Campaigns require several months to demonstrate results, therefore clients are asked to commit to a minimum of three months, with the possibility of continuing as your long-term marketing firm.

Weekly calls & bi-weekly invoices are also requested.

To begin, prepare to sign an agreement & submit 50% of the first month’s fees.

Of course, we tailor all marketing services to our clients needs.

Please contact our headquarters to learn more.

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